Monday, November 26, 2012

7 Reasons Iowa Hawkeye Fans Are More Spiritual

As many of you know, I'm engaged to a very wonderful woman. She's marvelous, beautiful and I love her very much. But nobody's perfect and she does have one major flaw. She's a Nebraska Cornerhuskers fan. Naturally, after my Iowa Hawkeyes finished a rather depressing season with a loss to the Huskers, my sweet darling couldn't help but rub it in just a little.

But, I've come up with some very compelling reasons as to why Iowa Hawkeye fans are more spiritual than - just to use a complete random example - Husker fans.

- It's easier for Hawkeye fans to be humble. Losses tend to help with that.

- Hawkeye fans have more opportunity to exercise patience. After all, "next season will be better".

- Hawkeye fans are less tempted to brag to about their team.

- Every week Hawkeye fans are reminded that we cannot put our confidence in man (especial one who wears a Tiger Hawk on his helmet).

- Hawkeye fans learn to deal with disappointment on a regular basis.

- Hawkeye fans have many examples of how not live a life free from alcahol and drugs.

- We have the best color combination in the NCAA. I don't know how that makes us more spiritual but it's true.


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  1. Guess I'll have to take my lowly spiritual stature since I am a Packers fan...

  2. I on the other hand am especially spiritual because I'm also a Colts fan ;-)

  3. I think it should be pointed out that superiority can't be helped. Also, surely spirituality can be attained outside of adverse circumstances. Never mind though, darling. I'll always love you anyway!:)

    1. hehe Well, I'll alway love you too. But it takes a special level of spirituality to be a Hawkeye fan. Carnal people just can't handle it ;-).