About Me

Welcome dear friends, family, spiritual siblings, acquaintances and complete strangers! I'm truly glad to have you as my guest at this blog. I hope you will enjoy your stay regardless of its length.

As your host, I think it only proper that I give you an ever-so-brief introduction to myself and my mission.

Who am I?

My name is Josh and I'm a tween who lives in the great State of Pigs and Corn. I like coffee, football and books by dead people. I love God's Word and I love writing, so the theology blog thing just sort of happened.

By grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone, I was saved by God from my sin and its just consequences and brought into a relationship with the God of the universe. I grew up in a solid Christian home and am tremendously thankful for the godly legacy I've inherited.  During my early teens, I experienced a renaissance in which I embraced the faith of my fathers as my own. I praise God that He keeps putting up with me and instructing me in His perfect Way. My goal in life is to know Him more and make Him known.

Currently, I'm enrolled in Antioch School as a part of my ministerial training. My long term is to be a church planter and help bring others into fellowship with God. I'm also blessed to have amble opportunity to serve in my local church. I'm finding that the more I fall in love with Christ the more I fall in love with His Church.

What Do I Mean By "Armchair Theologian"?

So, what's with my blog's peculiar title? Well, a theologian is simply a student of religion and spirituality. I, along with most of the human race, qualify as a theologian according to that definition. Theology isn't something that happens in college classrooms. Theology is the motor by which the gears of daily life run. Nearly everything we do in life is the result of our convictions about God, humanity and the universe. Thus, theology is just life.

I use the expression airmchair to illustrate the fact that I'm not an expert. I don't have a wall full of degrees attesting to my infinite knowledge. Rather, I'm a laid-back student of God's Word. This doesn't make one lazy, just (shall we say) uncertified. I'm simply attesting to fact that I am an amateur in the traditional meaning of the word: one who does something purely for pleasure.

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