Saturday, March 24, 2012

8 Benefits of Vulnerability

Ever feel vulnerable and weak like you don't have control over their circumstances? Here are eight blessings to such a state:

1. That sweet feeling of being a feeble child in your Daddy's arms

2. The blessings of walking by faith.

3. The blessed realization that strengths comes from God and not ourselves.

4. The liberating understanding that victory is not contingent on my outstanding preformance.

5. The hunger to seek God in prayer.

6. The deeper appreciation of simple things.

7. The comfort of knowing God is in control.

8. The sharpening of the spiritual senses.


  1. Thanks, Joshua, this is just how I am feeling tonight. Weak and vulnerable. I needed this!

  2. Thank you. I'm glad it could be helpful :-).

  3. Excellent points!

  4. Just read "8 Benefits of Vulnerability" and "Butterflys and Growingdown"---EXCELLENT articles! Both moved me and made me think. Thanks!!

  5. Those comments were very well written. We need to remember them day by day!

  6. Thank you. I know I find I need to be reminded of these things often.