Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy International Woman's Day

Today is International Woman's Day. It's basically a feminist marketing campaign, but I figure if the Church Fathers can hijack pagan holidays and turn them into Christmas, Easter and Valentine's Day, than I should be able to flip this holiday on it's head and take the opportunity to thank real women. As a young man, I'm very grateful for the amazing spiritual sisters God has placed in my life. They are a blessing and encouragement to me and this is my tribute to all of them.

  • Thank you, for not feeling the need to flaunt yourself but for being confident in the imperishable beauty of meekness and gentleness (1 Peter 3:4).
  • Thank you, for respecting the consciences of your brothers by dressing and acting modestly.
  • Thank you, for letting us guys open doors and carrying boxes for you.
  • Thank you, for encouraging us guys to be faithful to our responsibilities by being faithful to yours.
  • Thank you, for edifying us in a way that is true to both our callings.
  • Thank you, for allowing and encouraging the men to take the lead.
  • Thank you, for being neither usurpers nor pushovers.
  • Thank you, for being courageously feminine in a culture which sees that as a vice and not as the glorious virtue that it is.
  • Thank you, for functioning biblically, regardless of what others say.
  • Thank you, for the blessing and encouragement you are to me as a man. Few things help men act like men more than women who act like women.


  1. Amen!!!
    Thank you, Josh, for making a point from a man's point of view that I have long believed: Men act like gentleman when women act like ladies.

  2. Josh, I completely agree with your edification of a "True Lady". Thanks for sharing your thoughts... My wife tells me that... men hold the door open for her when she is wearing a skirt or dress... It is in our man nature to appreciate the femininity of a lady no matter who we are or where we come from. GOD made us to appreciate a 'True Lady'... Praise the LORD!

  3. Christine & Chad: Thank you both for your comments. I think it is very true that men just naturally want to look out for and protect real women.

  4. Glad you hijacked this holiday :-)

  5. Thank you for encouraging us and reminding us to be who God made us... and not who the world wants us to be.

  6. Thank you for commenting. That's very well put.

  7. Thank you for this encouraging post.
    1 Peter 1:3-9

  8. My pleasure, Elizabeth. Thanks for commenting.