Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Dance

Okay, this post is a little wierd for a couple of reason. One, I never thought I would write anything entitled "The Dance" but here it is. Two, this is stylistically very different from anything else I've done on here. Instead of solving all the world's problems (or all the Church's problems) or quote some old dead guy, I wrote up a little allegory about the character of God and how His attributes work together.

Like all "artists", I'm not completely satisfied with my creation. I wish I were capable of translating these incredible concepts about the nature of our God into a formate that we could all understand and marvel at. However, I do hope this does put things into perspective a little bit more. It's not a perfect metaphor but it is my prayer that it would still cause you to praise the God that is.

In the very heart of God there is a Dance so intricate that sages ponder it and so glorious that all who behold gaze in steadfast wonder. The dancers are so skilled and harmonious. They dance in perfect step and time.

Justice and Love take the lead, partnered in glorious balance. At time one leads and then the other, but both ever present, adding to the beauty of the other. While Love is the Dance’s most adored star, one without the other would be incomplete and all who behold their marvelous dance would never dare suggest that they be separated, so perfect is their harmony. There are no solos or wallflowers in this Dance, for all the dancers are ever present and ever active.

Then, for the pleasure of all spectators, the Lord of the Dance introduces Holiness and Grace, such a beautiful couple. Holiness, with his perfect form and matchless exoticness, leaves the crowd so awestruck with his marvelous grandeur that they curse their eyes for being unable to bear such a flawless sight. But with Grace in his arms, the dance is complete for ‘tis Grace’s empathetic step and benevolent form that draws the audience into the Dance and fills their hearts with gratitude at being witness to such a majestic pare.

But then the spectators rise to their feet for out comes the most fascinating couple of all. It is Wrath, Justice’s son, with fair Mercy. Theirs is the most intricate of dances. Each step in precise and each motion balanced. The leadership is traded off with such mastery that their movements become interwoven. For each motion of Wrath, Mercy counters. With each step of Mercy, Justice’s offspring answers. One misstep and the Dance would be violated. One wrong move and the balances is broken. But sweat does not deface the brow of the dancers. They know their steps and they know the rhythm.

All the dancers are so very skilled. Each so glorious and beautiful in its own respect. None of them could be dismissed or the Dance would be compromised. They never step on each other’s toes but dance in synchronized perfection. They complement and never contradict. Each is needed and each is marvelous.

All who gaze upon the Dance marvel at its beauty. The finest of minstrels sing their praises, unable to contain their admiration. While the willingly ignorant mock the Dance they refuse to behold, the poorest of urchins peer through the windows that by chance they might glimpse her glorious motions.

A few brash admirers try to join in the fling. But Justice’s steps are too fervent, Holiness’ form too flawless and Wrath’s tempo too swift. They are swept away, unable to experience the coveted Dance. It is then that the hearts of the spectators melt with sorrow. From outside of the Floor they get but glimpses and peeks but are unable to taste and see the glorious Dance in the heart of God.

It is then that the Choreographer prepares for His Climax, a chance to put all the dancers on full, unparelled display. The music intensified and the steps hastened. The crowd gasped in awe as the dancers, in flair and talent never seen before, prepared for the blazing Climax.

It is then, with tear-flooded eyes, that the Lord of the Dance makes a daring proclamation. “Come in!” He cries. “Come in! Come touch and taste the Dance in all its glory! Come and know the heart of God!”

What mystery is this? All who enter dance with Love, Grace and Mercy. The fury of their brothers does not trample the invited. For Justice, Holiness and Wrath dance with the Lord Himself and spares His guests their indignation. Their rage He claims as His own. The Lord’s Climax is the Cross, His most grievous treasure.

Now all who answer the call join in the uncompromised Dance. Oh what wonder! For we are no longer spectators but can experience the Dance itself. We can taste and see that its Lord is good.
It’s then that you hear the Lord cry out, “Come join the Dance! Come join the Dance in the very heart of God!”


  1. Josh, I like this. Sweet word picture.

  2. Thank you, Mr. Duckstein. :-)

  3. Wow! I could reread it again and again and each time get something new out of it. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Thanks you. It was my pleasure. Soli Deo Gloria.

  5. As an artist I can relate to the 'not quite satisfied' aspect, however, I get the picture... and that is the main reason we artists try. God gave you a great way to share this truth. Praise Him!

  6. Thank you, ma'am. I appreciate that. Praise Him indeed!